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    (A prestigious mega project of Memon Health and Education Foundation - MHEF)


    Memon Medical Institute, an  upcoming 300 bed state-of-the-art General Hospital plans soft opening in Early – 2009.

    Applications are invited for renowned firms/suppliers of all categories including electro-medical equipment, a list of which is available on MMI website ( alongwith Registration Form.  

    Applications will be considered from companies / firms which have sound financial background, after sales network and proven track record of supplying to renowned public sector / private sector Hospitals having infrastructure to support asset utilization.

    Registration form duly completed by the firm alongwith the following documents be sent to MHEF by August 31, 2008. Along with a pay order of Rs. 1000/= (non refundable)

    • Photocopy of National Identity Card of proprietor/authorized representative on firms letterhead.

    • Three specimen signatures of proprietors/shareholders/authorized representative on Firm’s letterhead.

    • Copy of Agency Agreement with Foreign Principals/Biomedical Equipment Company.

    • Category for which pre-qualification is desired. (The categories are specified below)

      Category-A (General items and accessories)
      · Office Equipment/Computers/Stationery etc.
      · Ambulances and other vehicles.
      · Bed linen and other linen, curtains, mattresses, towels patient clothing,
      hospital clothing etc.

      · Catering and cafeteria items.
      · Furniture and fixtures

      Category-B (Drugs and Disposables)
      · Non-Controlled and Controlled Drugs.
      · Disposables.
      · Laboratory glassware, kits, chemicals and reagents.

      Category-C (Electro-medical Equipment)
      · Medical and Hospital Equipment.
      · Laboratory Scientific and Analytical Instruments.
      · Imaging Equipment, CT Scan, MRI etc.

    • Performance Report from reputed hospitals and government organization where electro-medical equipment has been supplied.

    • Bank Certificate or Bank Statement: A certificate from banker (in original) certifying the extent of business and financial soundness OR bank statement for last six months.

    • Information regarding registration with any other organization like Federal Ministry of Health, Provincial Ministries etc.

    • Copy of Sales Tax Registration and N.T.N

    Last date for receipt of Registration forms and quotations: (clearly specifying category):31st August 2008

    Director Administration
    Memon Medical Institute
    Deh Dozan, Hyder Buksh Gabol Road, Safoora Goth
    K.D.A Scheme 33 (Adj Kiran Hospital), Karachi
    Telephone: 0301-8287811-3
    Fax: 021-5206836

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